BUGLEWEED: The Natural Relaxing Plant

Family: Lamiaceae

Genus: Ajuga

Common Name: Ajuga Reptans, Bugleweed, Carpenter’s herb, Carpetweed


Bugleweed is a perennial flowering mint that is commonly used for medicinal purposes as well as commonly referred to be invasive. Every spring, the plant will send up a 15cm squared stalk with bright purple flowers similar to Salvia’s.

Bugleweeds are easy to grow in ordinary, well-drained garden soil. Works as evergreen ground cover for both full sun or partially shaded pitch of your garden. It is very little demanding and easy to care, its flowers will bloom in Spring.



Bugleweed is an amazing herb that comes packed with loads of benefits. This herb has been widely used since ancient times as a natural cure for cough, respiratory disorders, and even malfunctioning thyroid. These days, find still use to relieve respiratory distress, while helping to expel catarrh and mucus, where bacteria and other pathogens develop.

For those who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, the calming effects of  this weed can be very effective. Furthermore it was known as a natural narcotic and used for its ability to stem bleeding. If you have suffered a small cut, can apply a bugleweed poultice topically, to promote rapid healing. The powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the compound will promote cell growth, prevent infection, and reduce pain and inflammation all in once!

Eliminating the dangerous free radicals present in our body that cause cellular breakdown, by adding a regular boost of antioxidants to our system, we promote our overall health!


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