Since at the beginning of the process we don’t know exactly how many females we will have.It’s always convenient to plant almost twice as many plants as we intend to grow (as long as feminized seeds are not used). If in the worst case we only get a female, we can continue the process by means of cloning.
Cloning is a technique that consists in cutting sections of the branch of a mother plant (cuttings) inducing the development of the root. This allows us to obtain new seedlings with the same genetic as the mother plant. So by making plant cuttings obtained from feminized seeds of a certain variety, we will have a very good chance of obtaining numerous female plants with the same characteristics. If you are interested in knowing more about cloning cannabis plant, check the article: “How to clone, prune and make cannabis cuttingsGrowers House Ultimate Cloning Package

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Once the seeds have sprouted, they are placed in the final pots under a regime of minimum 18 hours of light per day. This regime can be continuous (24 hours of light) or higher, but not lower. In this first phase it would be convenient to use a fluorescent lamp, led or MH bulb.

Personally, I recommend beginning the process with the assembly of 2-3 fluorescent tubes of 120 cm., use degradable peat pots until the sprouts are a few inches (5-10 cm.), and then transplant them into the definitive pots under the HPS lamps.

Once the seedlings are in the final pots, we will grow them up to a height between 30/50 cm. If desired, the tops can be pruned to allow for a thicker growth of the lateral stems. In this case, or in the case that the density in the grow room or where you decides to grow your babies is too high, it’s better to provide plants with a support structure.

Any net made with any thread that allows the plants not to intertwine too much, as in the picture below


Irrigation will be carried out according to the needs and conditions present in the environment.
We must think that the plants will need at least a month to reach the desired height.
During this stage of the process we need to monitor the height of the lights. Plants that receive the most light will grow earlier, so it is helpful to rotate the plants to allow for an as much even growth as possible.

When all the plants have reached the desired heights, it will be time to change the light regime (12 hours of light-12 hours of darkness) in order to force the plants to flower. To give an even more decisive signal to the plants, you can give the system 24-48 hours of absolute darkness before resuming with cycle 12 of light, 12 of darkness. Note that the cuttings should be always taken before moving on to the flowering stage if you wish to continue cultivation.Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Tend DP120 – 48 x 48 x 24 inches

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It will be essential that the “night” period is totally dark. You will need to check that there are no gaps in the system through which light can filter from the outside. The tolerable light should not be greater than that of a moonlight so to speak. It’s also best to avoid entering the system during these hours, or if you have to, try to be cautious and don’t interrupt the cycle of darkness.

The use of fans, essential during growth, will not be necessary at night unless the humidity is excessive.
Extractors that provide fresh air and extract odors should work as long as the lights are on. Now that you are half way into your, check about the flowering phase in this article: “
Cannabis flowering stage tips