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Happy day to you all!

Today, I will share the project of this cool passive speaker that amplifies your phone’s audio without any electricity. It’s cool, it works, looks great and even have a natural pleasant scent.


The concept behind a passive speaker is simple. If you’ve ever stuck your phone in the bottom of a cup or glass to hear the music better, you know how it works: The sound bounces around the bottom, expanding and growing as it moves up and out.

This compact block, inspired by old-time radios, will hold your phone and amplify its sound, without a power cord in sight. You can customize it to fit almost any device, including a tablet. The layered design lets you divide and conquer the construction.

In this project example, 4 pieces of 10 mm thick wood 140 x 60 mm are cut,  then we mark the pocket for the phone, the channel and the holes for the sound. A channel for the battery charge cable to pass thou is also created in order to allow charging while playing your favorite music.


Glue the parts together, allow drying and there you are, now you can chose your favorite Organoid veneer for the exterior and drill some small holes where the sound it’s supposed to exit. Glue the front, soften edges, sand it and finish it with Linseed oil.