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Today, I will share this great concept with you, one of the most cost and space-efficient, practical ways of growing ever conceived!


Whether you garden as a hobby that helps you unwind after a stressful day, or a necessity for living a homestead or off the grid lifestyle, we’re all looking for eco-friendly and cost-effective ways to grow our own food.


What’s even more appealing is having an affordable system from scrap material that allows you to extend your growing capacity transforming your organic waste in fertilizer!



  • 250 Liters barrel
  • 15cm PVC Pipe 120 cm long
  • Jigsaw, with regular multi-purpose blade
  • Vine empty bottles
  • Silicone Gun Sealer
  • Torch
  • Drill


This planter integrates vermicomposting to produce the perfect growing environment for 50 vegetables, herbs and select fruit in just 1.3 sqm. If you wanted less pockets and grow bigger veggies just take away a row or two.

It can virtually be an entire garden in itself – plant the sides in strawberries, lettuce, potatoes, herbs, carrots, beets, and hundreds of other plants, and a tomato and pepper in the top.



The inbuilt compost system (a tube that runs down the center of the tower where you add compost worms and empty your organic kitchen scraps each day) not only produces rich dark compost and compost tea (called worm castings) that can be put back into the tower creating a nutrient dense growing environment for your plants, but also reduces your organic waste that would otherwise be just waste.



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