DIY Wooden Organic Neck-tie

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Happy day world!

Today, I’m super excited to share an other exclusive project with you.

Soon its will be summer and summer means a lot of cool things: wedding season, prom, parties with friends, backyard, birthdays parties, BBQ’s. What about attend these with a sustainable outfit, rather than make a cool gift for your beloved ones, following this tutorial idea.

What you will need:

  • 2 mm thick Beech wood veneer
  • Microstone real stone veneer
  • Organoid  scented veneer
  • 1,5 mm round elastic cord
  • PVA glue
  • Hand drill
  • Hand saw
  • Files and sand papers


The Steps:

Design and Cut: Make a sketch based on an other neck-tie of yours and draw the templates on our piece of wood veneer. Cut out 3 template of your 2 mm thick wood veneer with your hand saw and glue them together.


Cut even pieces and drill holes: Once the 3 templates are glued together we can cut down the neck-tie to little sections in order to gain flexibility and assembly the neck-tie. Once smaller sections are cut we then drill holes about 2,5 mm wide to let in the 1,5 mm elastic cord as shown in the pictures below. Let the cord pass through all the pieces and make an adjustable knot about the size we need, file and sand edges, finish it with Bees wax or Linseed oil

Congratulations! You made yourself a pretty cool wooden neck-tie. You can be more creative and original adding stone veneer inlay or organic inlay rather then mix some exotic wood essence, or just use whatever spare piece of wood you have left in your garage.