In a world full of hustle and bustle in our busy high tech lives we have become disconnected from Mother Earth and more reliant on our mobile phones and less connected to Nature. This is creating in us always more common feelings of apathy, depression, weakness, and nothing good really. A separation not only with Mother Earth but also with our authentic self and basic needs.

Our soul needs a few fundamental things and one of those is the need for sacred space. It also needs harmony with the greater cycles of nature. To allow yourself to be the truly creative expressive being that you are. A soul also needs to feel safe and filled with peace. How can that happen while plugged into the electromagnetic fields of technology?

Benefits for us

Nature allows us to find that peace. Automatically by looking at pictures of nature and all its greatness, creates more balance in our breathing. By spending 15 minutes in a nursery allows the brain to produce more serotonin which keeps our hormones more balanced. Everyone has their ‘sanctuary’, the place we go to in our daydream. Being out in nature brings all of our 5 senses alive and, by doing it, our 6th sense will be activated naturally, allowing clarity to emerge.

Spending time in nature allows our brain to create space for our natural creativity to be unleashed. Even short escapades in nature can inspire us to be more productive. As well as the vibrating resonance of nature being documented, it is naturally healing, can reduce depression, and do nothing but good to all of us.

I believe we have a commitment to the restoration of Mother Earth and her constitution and it is our sacred responsibility to know who we are!