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Family: Alliaceae

Species: Allium Ursinum

Common Name: Bear’s Garlic, Wild Garlic, Bear leek, Broad-leaved garlic


Bear’s Garlic is a wild plant relative to chives. and well-known for being a true spring treat for bears that have just woken up from their winter slumber, also a favorite of wild boar.

It’s a bulbous perennial herbaceous plant that reproduces primarily by seed. The narrow bulbs are formed from a single leaf base and produce bright green elliptical leaves. The inflorescence is an umbrella of several white flowers.

It’s native to temperate climate and can be found abundant growing in woodland with moist soils, spreading up to 1500 meters above the sea. You can dig up the little plants found and plant them in your garden, and they do not require any additional care at all.

If by chance you come across a garlic scent during a walk trough the forest, you have found bear’s garlic! Because it grows in the early spring, bear’s garlic is perfect for spring body cleansing.


The whole plant is edible and very rich of vitamins and carotene; young leaves are delicious added to soups and sauces, they appear in early spring and are best picked when young. The flowers will emerge from April to June and can add a potent garlic punch to salads and sandwiches.

Many prefer to conventional garlic because has even more healing benefits, similar but more delicate taste, without leaving the unpleasant typical breath smell.

Typically pesto is made using basil and garlic, however many plants can lend themselves to this preparation with great outcomes. Among all the version of pesto that I have made over the years, the one using this delicious plant is my favorite. It becomes my healthy spring routine that I recommend sincerely, if you have the chance to run into Bear’s garlic plants.



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The medicinal parts of the plant are the young leaves that are harvested in summer, and the underground bulbs that are collected from late summer to autumn.

Bear’s garlic is an effective remedy for lowering high blood pressure. The use of this plant allows stabilizes blood pressure for two to three months. It’s ideal for older people because can improve bowel function, in treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea, lazy bowel syndrome and hard stool.

It can even be a effective remedy for serious forms of pulmonary catarrh and breathing problems related with it. Furthermore, it has beneficial effects for the whole urinary system.