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Family: Solanaceae

Species: Physalis Peruviana

Common Name: Ground Cherry, Goldenberry, Inca Berry, Cape Goosberry


Physalis Peruviana is a perennial plant closely related to Tomatillo and the Chinese Lantern plant, also members of the same genus. This variety native from the Andes, is nowadays called in various names and commercially grown around the globe.

Its flowers are yellowish five petals and will bear fruit quick enough about two months from transplant, usually around August, continuing till frost. Goldenberry plant are generous and can bear up to 300 small fruits each. Fruits are ready to harvest when the wrap has changed color from green to creamy white.


At this stage these super nutritious fruits will be easy to pick or even fall to ground itself. The plant survive heavy frost but its fruits won’t, so before the first frost arrive make sure to harvest all the wraps, even if still green. Perhaps the berry will continue to ripen indoor, just like tomatoes and peppers do.

Once harvested, store them in their husk in a dry cool place where they can remain fresh for an other 40 days at room temperature.

If you want to grow more fruit in your garden, but don’t have the space for trees or large brambles, Goldenberry may just be your thing!


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Goldenberries have a very unique, delicious tropical taste, somehow similar to pineapples, with a faint background taste of tomato, that lends itself to wildly diverse recipes. They can be eaten raw in salads, added to your morning smoothie or to your breakfast muesli. Their flavor fits well in many sweet pastry preparation, tarts and cake, and finally make a delicious jam. 

Goldenberries are super fruit known for their higher amounts of antioxidants and other distinct plant compounds. In fact, they are also a great source of vitamin A,C and K, Pectin, Beta-carotene, phosphorous, calcium, iron and copper.

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