Solid are the foundations and evidence that mushrooms are real all round cure, a real super food capable of benefiting those who consume them regularly in various ways.

There is however something to consider carefully. Mushrooms absorb very easily the elements present in the environment in which they grow through soil, air and humidity. This characteristic determines that mushrooms grown in soils polluted by heavy metals, or in particularly polluted areas, fill them with substances that are harmful to us, counteracting the numerous nutritional benefits that they would have instead.

The most aware consumers attentive to their health prefer organically grown mushrooms precisely to avoid absorbing any improper contaminants. Many species of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms can be grown and many amateur growers are getting closer to this world and enjoy the many benefits of mushrooms in a safe way.Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit – grow kit is kid friendly, easy-to-cultivate way to enjoy growing mushrooms at home… [More]

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Mushrooms are a food that abounds in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, while they are low in fat, calories and cholesterol. In mushrooms we find important quantities of proteins, fibers, potassium and selenium.
Each variety has culinary characteristics that you may or may not like. Some are a delicacy for the palate and consumer demand continues to rise over the years.

In traditional Chinese and oriental medicine, mushrooms have been used in various forms for centuries, mostly to strengthen the immune system and as powerful dietary supplements.

Our very constitution is closely related to the fungi we share pathogens with – bacteria and viruses. The antibiotics developed by fungi to protect themselves from them are in fact also effective for us; for example penicillin, tetracycline and streptomycin.


More and more people nowadays choose for different reasons to follow diets that exclude or reduce the consumption of meat, fish and lactic derivative products. These people and athletes find their precious allies in mushrooms able to provide all the elements necessary for their body to follow a complete diet.

Here the mushrooms and the supplements based on these come into play, which basically divide into two types:

  • Mushroom concentrates and extracts: To obtain these extracts, the mycelium or fruiting body of the mushroom is placed in boiling water to remove the long chain polysaccharides. The result is a concentrated form of  nutrients or complex sugars. These particularly beneficial health supplements are commercially available in capsule form.
  • Raw mushrooms: These supplements are also found pulverized in the form of pills and represent an important aid for those who strive to pursue a healthy diet and make up for any food shortages.


Perhaps not yet known in the West, but certainly among the most controversial and precious mushrooms in Asia for its numerous medicinal benefits we find Cordyceps (picture above). These mushroom is also called caterpillar fungus because it develops from them. Its life cycle is unique. In fact, the fungus parasites the larva of some moths typical of the Tibetan highlands in the subsoil and germinates inside them.

This parasitic fungus kills and mummifies the organism until it comes out from the head. They are very small, expensive and rare to find mushrooms that grow exactly in that specific area of ​​the world. Even if today they can also be cultivated, their price remains high and their availability limited compared to the demand.



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This mushroom has a history of use in medicine by the Chinese and Tibetans that goes back a long time. This mushroom has anti-aging effects and can help improve both male and female fertility. It is highly sought after among athletes who benefit from an increase in their strength and endurance. Codyceps has also been shown to have antidepressant effects. Furthermore increases blood flow and normalize cholesterol levels and is used in the treatment of hepatitis B, in the treatment of immune disorders, and as a potent anti-inflammatory agent for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and kidney failure.

The other mushrooms most used as supplements for their nutritional and medicinal properties are Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms. All these mushrooms are of oriental origin are saprophytic mushrooms that can be cultivated.

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