The idea is to use safe easily available products, ideally from your own garden or trusted organic source. Mother nature has provided us with an infinite number of resources, the only limit is our imagination.

We can substitute plain water with dried flowers or herbs infusions to add color and scents. Before making your soap remember to filter your infusion and let it cool down. Flowers or herbs add skin-loving properties to the liquid, and they can also add a subtle color and scent. For example, in our Rose Soap Recipe we have used the infusion of dried roses that added its distinctive scent. We used macerated rose flowers oil, we add drops of Rose Essential oil, and dried petals to decorate.


850g (30 oz) Rose Flower Macerated cold-pressed Oil

200g (7 oz) organic Coconut Oil

128g (4.5 oz) Lye 

300 g (10.6 oz) Rose flower infused water

128 g (4.5 oz) Soy wax

15 drops of Rose Essential Oil


  • Slowly, add the lye to the rose infusion, and stir accurately until fully dissolved and clear Set aside to cool. 

  • Slowly add the lye solution to the oils and, at the same time, stir them with a spatula or spoon.

  • Stir the mixture with a stick blender for several minutes until the moment when oils and lye water have emulsified and the mixture looks more thick.  

  • Add essential oils, natural colorants, and herbs or exfoliant at this stage. Work fast as the mixture will quickly start to thicken.

homemade soap making


Traditionally, soaps are made in wooden molds lined with waxed or siliconized paper, but almost any box lined in a similar way will serve the purpose. I have poured the mixture into 1L milk cartons and staple the tops shut.

Wrap the cartons in a large towel and set somewhere warm for 48 hours like the top of the fridge, where the saponification process will continue. Soap is now ready to be taken from the molds, cut down to smaller square, or left whole to cure for next 6-8 weeks in a dried and ventilated area.



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