We are always interested in collaboration with person sensitive to environmental issues, who wants to raise awareness by sharing information, news, advice and above all his own small good daily green actions, to promote a more sustainable world.

What are we looking for?

We are not necessarily looking for influencers or even fanatical activists, we are looking for enthusiasts, people who in their daily lives talk spontaneously about the planet around us.

If you manage to join us, you will have the opportunity to help us create a new community, you can participate in online and offline events, you can review some products. The collaboration will have a definite duration and can be renewed after an assessment of the real willingness to cooperate and any results obtained.

Becoming a site Collaborator does not provide for the provision of an economic compensation for the creation of content and their sharing. However, collaboration on branded projects for which a compensation established from time to time may be provided is not excluded.

You can only become a Freak of Natural collaborator if you meet certain search parameters and features.
When selecting candidates, we will take into account a number of parameters, such as the quality of content posted on social media, engagement, community breadth, how often content is published, and image/video quality.

What we ask

One content per week (video or infographic)
To actively participate in our FB group by stimulating the community
A true commitment to our project throughout the collaboration

What we offer

Possibility to collaborate with a serious online magazine about wellness and sustainability, followed by hundred thousands of people every month, and then increase your visibility in the sector through its channels.
Possibility to participate and earn on our  events or projects.
By reaching out at explaining your motivation and characteristics, if they coincide with our selection criteria, you will be contacted shortly by a member of our team.
It is important to know that the presence of social pages, rich in content on the subject and with an adequate base of followers, will be a preferential reason for choice by our evaluation team.